Top “Popcorn-Worthy” Netflix Picks

For years, my passion in life has been movies. Whether it’s reviewing, acting, or film production, I’ve found fulfillment in immersing myself in the art of shows, documentaries, and movies. More recently, I’ve been given some attention for my opinions on various productions, and since Netflix is such a primary venue for what I love, I thought I could apply my own personal rating scale to some of the service’s greatest selections.

Behind the Scenes

This may come as a shock to some, but Netflix has been around since 1997 – almost 20 years. Before the company became a video streaming service in 2007, it was strictly a snailmail movie delivery service, where DVDs were delivered to our doorsteps. In 2013, the service began producing its own shows, documentaries and films. The Netflix beast now has 126 original productions – more than any other network/channel.

The first self-commissioned Netflix original series is my first Top “Popcorn-Worthy” Pick.

house-of-cardsHouse of Cards

Rating: Oscar-Worthy & Popcorn-Worthy

To me, this show is binge-worthy and has some of the best writing on Netflix. Put it simply, House of Cards is the gold standard. The show revolves around U.S. Congressman Francis Underwood of South Carolina, a ruthless politician seeking revenge. He makes a pact with his wife to try to destroy president Garrett Walker and his allies. From there, scandal, lies, deceit, death…Like I said – Oscar-and-Popcorn-Worthy.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Rating: Popcorn-Worthy

How can something written by Tina Fey not be hysterical? Kimmy Schmidt was rescued after being in a cult for 15 years and ventures to New York. Kimmy meets Titus who are a hysterical combination.


Orange is the New Black

Rating: Popcorn-Worthy

oitnbThis series is based on the book, Orange Is The New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison by Piper Kerman, which portrays her life behind bars. Full of twists and turns, this series isn’t just about main character Piper Chapman, but the characters she meets throughout. The first season is definitely binge-worthy, BUT the second and third season are losing me.

Making A Murderer

Rating: Popcorn-Worthy

This ten-episode docuseries is the true story of Steven Avery who was wrongly accused for a crime he didn’t commit. But shortly after he’s released, he is yet again accused of murder and yet again convicted – but that isn’t where it ends, and that’s what keeps us hanging on. One word to describe this show/story is unbelievable.


Amanda Knox Story

Rating: Popcorn-Worthy

Question: How do you go to Italy to study abroad and end up in prison for four years? Answer: You get convicted of murder of a fellow exchange student you roomed with. With forensic evidence incompatible with her alleged involvement and a prolonged legal process, Knox was freed.


Free Movie Tickets?!

I had such a great time on The Jeff Crilley show sharing my most binge-worthy Netflix picks as well as the best movies to see in theaters now. I would LOVE to hear your movie suggestions. You can be entered to win free movie tickets from Jeff Crilley himself.  

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