Libby Hunt

Libby Hunt’s demo reel


Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party (SAG)
Role: Secret Service Agent
Director: Dinesh D’Souza (Best Selling author & filmmaker)
Producer: Gerald Molen (Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park)

The Forest
Role: The Mother
Director: Anthony A. Kung

Occupy Texas (SAG)
Executive Producer
Role: Secretary
Producer: Jeff Barry

The Bus Stop
Executive Producer
Director: Justin Malone (Malone Pictures)

Bomb City
Roles: Mother, Mrs. Cates
Producer: Major Dodge

Fade In
Role: Executive Producer
*Starring Tony Award Winner Julie White. Written and directed by Gail Gilchrist.

Role: Executive Producer

Pow Wow
Role: Associate Producer


Libby’s Movie Hunt
Weekly Live Podcast on Facebook,YouTube & iTunes  KEPX Productions Vokal Media



Deadline Crime with Tamron Hall – Episode: 504 – ID Channel for NBC
Role: Bekah’s mother
Producer: Alex Norton

The Nicole Barrett Show  –  Co-Host Weekly Broadcast – KLIF/570 AM

Tuttle Talk radio 660AM Andy Tuttle Talk Radio, guest

Brian Glenn radio show 630AM, guest

Libby’s Movie Hunt (BLOG)
Host and Writer – Movie Reviews and Entertainment News

KERA Auction
Role: On-Camera Host
KERA (Dallas/Fort Worth) – PBS

Stephens College Weekly Radio & Sports
Role: News Anchor
KWWC Network

The Roommate Game & This is Trivia
Role: Host
KWWC Network


Role: Principal

Kaplan University
Role: Principal, Mother
Director: Stewart Cohen

Role: Featured
Director: Justin Malone (Malone Pictures)

Peggy Taylor Talent Inc.
Role: Principal
PT Productions

Methodist Family Health Center
Role: Patient
Director: Justin Malone
Mansfield, TX

Methodist Hospital Dallas


Director:Justin Malone



Harvest Community
Role: Model
Argyle, TX

Susan Brannion & Primrose
Role: Model
Dallas, TX

Role: Model
Dallas, TX


Role: Mother Of the Bride


Dallas Actor’s Group, Audition Technique (Kevin Howard, CSA)

Acting Class, Nancy Chartier Film Acting Studio

Improv, Improv Workshop (Wendy Pennington)

Buffalo Casting, Actor’s Workshop (Tisha Blood & Paul Weber)


AMS Brand Video
Role: Dress Shop Owner
AMS Pictures

PYIHS Promo Video
Role: Principal, Mother
Director: Anthony A. Kung